The process of kiln drying Teak Wood

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Published: 07th January 2011
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Teak wood is wood that has a good quality of flexibility for making furniture. From the observation of the craftsmen using teak wood, Teak wood furniture can be made in various kinds of furniture. From cabinets, buffets, tables and others. In woodworking requires some process and transferring some to the truth in the process, so that the workmanship in furniture making do with a good way to produce furniture that is also good.

One of them is a teak wood drying process. Formerly inverse craftsmen dried teak with teak wood drying under the blazing hot sun for weeks. It took a long time in doing the craftsmen in the construction of drying teak wood.

With the changing pattern of thinking the craftsmen in an effort to expedite the production process, the craftsmen are now many ways using teak wood oven. Wood oven way too many kinds, including: Steam, the roast with fire, and boiled.

The first is by way of in Boiled

The new teak wood after the cut and will be used first boiled in boiling water using directly. In this process takes approximately one to two nights. When boiled in a wooden home in the drain, and wait to be dried teak wood. The purpose of the above process is to make the water content in the wood had to get out quickly. This can take place because the temperature is hot enough to make the wood water content in the wood would have come out with boiling water last. After the timber had been poached in the drain. In this process the wood will begin to dry and made from the dried teak wood moisture content which is owned teak.

The way in roast with fire

In indonesia teak furniture laid on top of the roasting timber and will be neatly lined with fire roasted setabil. Where used in this way the craftsmen took three to four days in the drying process.

Which Purposed is the best way to make a dry teak (steam / wood oven)

The new teakwood cut in the insert into the wood oven space will be heated by boiler with heat for an average of 80 to 83 degrees Celsius. This method takes a week to reach in the drying. For use machine controller in a balanced and stable heat goes into the wood oven space, made of wood in a wood oven that has a drought of good wood for use as a base for furniture.

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